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 My reaction to face the strange.

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PostSubject: My reaction to face the strange.   Thu Apr 05, 2012 2:06 pm

I am not a happy person. I am unsatisfied with my current power level. To increase my power level, I have undergone rigorous training. I have tested my mind, by reading "My Immortal", "Light and Dark the adventures of dark yagami" and other soul-shatteringly awful fanfics. I have tested my body, climbing the tallest mountain in the Emerald Isle, also, going to a gig and sitting in a beanbag directly under an amp for 2 hours straight. I have tested my soul, watching the entirety of "My little pony:friendship is magic" for a bet and coming out of it unscathed and unconverted into a brony.

But then, I was linked to this fanfiction by a loyal companion. And after the ordeals I had been through, I had had enough. I had built up my psyche, only to have everything my training achieved torn to pieces by the sheer horror of this fanfiction being blasted through my mind like a storm of bullets. " The breast inside of me" was unleashed as I repeatedly head-desked until I had a variety of bruises, bloody nose and lost all of my teeth. But then enlightenment struck me, like a bus that was being driven by Satan with a dead frog on the front and fire instead of a windscreen. I had a purpose in life. To get my sunglasses, pack a bag of Oreos, steal a crowbar and set out on a quest to the gates of hell. I would smash down the gates of hell and march up to the Dark Lord himself and demand a claim on Dallas Philpott's soul.

The reason for this being that my mind has been scarred by the sheer retardedness of the entire story. The author seems to want to enrage as many fanbases as possible in her quest to prove that she stands tall above the other Mary Sues. Enoby Darkness Dementia Raven Tara Way's "gofficness" did less damage to me than the atrocities Dally (or Delly, Belly, Della, Bella, Bally or whatever the fuck she wants to call herself) has commited. Everything about her is just there for the author to delude herself that she is any of those things and even then she competley cocks up at describing those. You CANNOT get preganant from anal, the uterus is not connected the the anus at all. It takes 9 MONTHS to have a baby, not like 2 and a half days. Surely Hiei and Bill should be arrested for underage sex. I don't even need to point out how obscenely out of character everone is in this story.

I know that the inhabitants in this nest of trolls will dismiss this "Dubledore" in disguise being a "fagget". Or maybe if I'm lucky, Queen Bitch herself will read this. It would be wonderful to be mentioned in the final chapter as a "queer" who gets brutally murdered for being "meen to delly". Hey, that would actually be the crowning moment of my life! If she ever finishes the ending when to firemen remove her morbidly obese corpse from the toilet that she has most likely drowned in (and produced most of the fanfiction from its contents, might I add). This massive Wall of Text doesn't really serve a purpose other than to say this:

UMADBRO!? lol!
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PostSubject: Re: My reaction to face the strange.   Sun Aug 19, 2012 3:13 am

your gay
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My reaction to face the strange.
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