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PostSubject: HEY U GUIZE!   Mon Feb 20, 2012 3:09 pm

OMG hi i jsut read all of stase the fange and i rly want dally do repply back to me so she can introduct me to edwart, i like it specialy when he is tumors it is sexy.
i am dallys nomber 1fan and she is inspired me to right my own veersjon of face te strnge but with my own characters i would like erryones beedfack and wud like to know what everyone tinks of my idea Smile Smile my story may also feature a speshul apparatus from dally herself if she gives me permishan
fank you all so much for reading my post i look fork ward to herring ffrom you and am even more exited to be writing my on sotrry THANK YOU XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
LOVE YOU DALLY FOREVER LETS KILL THAT FAGGOT PETER FILE bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce lol! flower I love you
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