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 Just Make Pertend this is Chapter SIxteen 16

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PostSubject: Just Make Pertend this is Chapter SIxteen 16   Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:36 pm

I didnt write this for contest i just was it was something i did to expressing myself just rad and i hope you enjoy
(Oh it continues since the 15.5 chapter i posted in the chapter 15 contset tread the one that ends with toad exploding dead)

At that mooment Sasuke and Link arryved through the door. Htey had both wade greens on their faces and loled and seemed in high temperatures.
"Hallo fallow peeps how are the circumstances!" Sid Link he sounded like a mermaid.
"The day is sunny and the sun is brit such a nice day to come out!" Sasuke followe d on the happinys. He's cheecks were bright bread.
"GUYS scroll down the glow we are in a ambiguous mood reight now" sayid Dally and Hiei modded. "We just finded out Shabow is in a castlw but as for where a acstle is we are shirtless"
"Shadow is a live? !" Sasukes hair waved uncuntrollably "That spunky Hedgehag i knew it didnt die in such a easy"
"NO SILLY =P" Said Lunk in a high bitched nose, "Shadow means Dalla and Hiei's sex-created babby. It has Shadou's names as a souvenir!" Link punched sasuke cheeky bones but in a low speed so it dioddnt hurts.
Dally's mouth contuned: "Right now we were having a brian storm over where to luke at"
"Have you thoaught maybe in Hallgwarts?" Said the ninjo boy in a obvious and everyone's head a sweat of drop suddenly appear. "It is a cassle...he said" a second sweat appered again
"Sasucke we chacked in the marangers map and they dont show as a red spit so no"
Dally said cuntescendant.

"I think i have a notion;" Link said and patted sasukes hear, "Besides Hogwarts the only casetle in howgwarts vaccinity is le castle of Oblivion" everyones earlobes turned toward the el fish warrior "Whowever it is protection is through the roof it has a magical wall of barrier that not even an invisible ninja shrimp can get in through or so ive herd"
"Oh hmm.m" Dali said in pensieve "If only we had a way of say turning into Edwarf or whatever teen maybe we can trick the roof into thinking we are him and we are let through but if only" Dalli signed deeply, she was letted down by the impossibility of her situational plan.
"I wonder is that there is a potion to do or something that?" someone askes retorical
"There isnt" said sasuke he obviously never read LOTR lol
Suddenly the Pussy Cat Dolls started singing JaeHo all over the place, jaeho jaeho jaeho, it was dallyss message rang,
All eyes jumped at her like wtf in spitting disgust
"WHAT" said Dally "It is a clool song!"
Suddenly everyone agred, Dally had used her brainminding tekniks, they also thought oh slamdog millionair what a goot film.
She checjed the massage and then put back the cells in her leg. "It was just Meagan. She just butching that her bf doesnt spend her enuff he always with Viktor Kum i dont have time for her doramas"
"THATSIT !" 1ink had a revelations "GUIZE i know how we get our weigh in thecaslte!!"
"WHat pleas do share" everyone requested in university
"We use Meagen's boyfriend Cedric Diggery!" Link said. he had an erection so he looked even taller. "He looks just like Edward cause he also played by Robert Parkkinson!"
Everyone came in excitement to Cedric's roo m in hufflepof. He was with Victor Crumbs wrestling on the floor their wands sticking a bulge in their peejamas.
"GAYS calm down!s" Said dally in a mother tone "You can get bruces and dont keep your wands there you can loose your babies"
They immediately hided their wands in ashamed. "We're sorry how inconsiderate of our pants. What is your upbringing here Daily?" Cedric said
"I been asking to ask your help Cedrick" Said Dally and the guys blinked in agriment. "We need to kill Dumbleydoo he is a big fag he has our baby that sickle pervort and we the only one who can help us"
Cedric's face melted in spirals. He clearly not had no idea that Dumbledog was a homosensual let alone that he was sick.
"I very much disimprove of homossexual paedophilia so i am most deeply in" said cedric he was a good mate. "When are my service neddeds?"
"NOW" Dally groared and wind came out of her mouth like a spining umbrella.
"Now? I am a tadpole busy like you sawe i was prackicing wandless defense with Viktor..."
"CEDRIC ITS OUR BABBY IN THE LIMBO DANCE HERE" Dally's emprisioned raayge came out of her.
"Ok i will do you help" cedric came in dally's insistence "Do you mind if Victor Came kum too? He is my boyfr.. hmm erm i mean boy friend..., with a space in inbetween, hmm, like you know a mate of all sorts WE DO NOT HAVE SEX IN PARTNERSHIP" he said he stressed the WE DO NOT HAVE SEX IN PARTNERSHIP part with a fluorescent pink marker.
"Ok guiys right now i dont have brains for political activism i just need my baby back and sound" said dally
"The more the marry her" said Sasuke.and Cedric and Viktor joind their party in this new addiction it made their menu look really cluttered.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Make Pertend this is Chapter SIxteen 16   Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:45 pm

O: yes.
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PostSubject: Re: Just Make Pertend this is Chapter SIxteen 16   Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:33 am

I love you. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Just Make Pertend this is Chapter SIxteen 16   

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Just Make Pertend this is Chapter SIxteen 16
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