forum for dally's story, fts ^_^
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Bean Gay


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PostSubject: Re: ~WRITE THE OTHER CHAPTER 15! CONTEST!~   Sat Aug 22, 2009 2:39 pm

thnak you ^_^ <2
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10$ in love with Edward


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PostSubject: > w < trying   Sun Aug 23, 2009 8:41 am

My tumorz are activator to make a try


Edwarf was in sufferange next of Dumbledore Denny’s. Edwad breast was greywing huge, biggest tneh Delly, turning bersrkre. Dumblydoor used his megic polars and danished Edrad to whore Bella shawt.

Edward grred apparting on Dalley room where Heidi and Della were still at it, she had her bewds inside Heie huge cock chicken on it. Eddywrf pinched Hiei , Hiei backed akward and dally was horrifried.

Ednarf had a tumors, he didn't knew if he wet for Hieidi or raptor Dolly as he unwillyng came erection. The breast decidable for him , broke his cloy and wet on Dally raptor her insides trying to break her. Dally moaned in high pitch not bellyvine that Edward was so greys forgetting Hiei and her bahbey.

Hiei came to his perk he could not brlive dally was cheetah on her, he was hurt "Dally how could you" he creamed. Shatting tents he runned away bumping into Mr. Delicious. [ the guy on the left, from Higurashi no naku koro ni ] .

"I have some questions for you, Hiei i belive?" Delicious said slowly, Hiei were not in a goat mood for talking even less quirting. As Hiei motion to go away, Delicious holded his shertder "cum in my cart I have A/C under it" Hiei pancaked, war all adults penishile?

Delicious elbowed Heidi in hit car, letting a cigarot.

Meanwhile Dally was being still captivated in Edward armpits "Oh Eddrt I didn't knew you arf so gun" She wanted more as Edwart was beastial on her, pushing her in the walt pummeling her pussy so mousse it flooded. He grred in pleasure completly forgotting why he was even thare.

Denisdoor was watching the scenera "Mousquito you should lek for Hiei and the rotts, that barby and herby cauz me no territories bet if the unicorn with the gays et mebe be hard to hill them away"

Moustique was worried about Dally looking at the beastly Edward fucking her butt she needled to Dumbletdorm and wet away to war Hieidi was. Mr Delicious was quittionng him harshly, speaking loud. Mystiquo went clot to lerk inside and they were spanking about Snaps, his missing duck and Bolla. Hiei reniliad about everythung.

But Lunk, Sasuak were noward to be fenil.

** I coudn't resist to put Mr. Delicious (Mr. Oishi) actually mean big stone but people often mistake it for delicious making it more hilarious **

*** Brain damaged enaugh can't write more dally-ism sorry it is so short ***

**** hope you enjoy reading ****
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The Next Ritalin


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PostSubject: Re: ~WRITE THE OTHER CHAPTER 15! CONTEST!~   Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:27 am

Haha, they're all so good so far!
Except my brain is starting to hurt...
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